The E49 Crew


The meaning comes from Ecclesiastes 4:9, "Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labour."

Guidelines (subject to revision)

1. In order to receive help with a project, you must also be willing and available give help on a project (i.e. work-fare & not welfare). There may be an occasional exception to this in certain emergency situations, but generally this needs to be adhered to.

2. In order to receive help, you must have a plan in mind before the work begins. "I need to clean up the garage" or "I need to fix up my yard" aren't very specific, for example. However, it is possible to get a few people together to help you make a plan at some point, but that would need to be a separate request from the work request.

3. Scheduling will be on somewhat of a "first come, first served" basis, but again exceptions can occasionally be made for emergencies. An acceptable emergency would be if your basement flooded and you needed to get stuff moved out of there in a hurry or had fire damage cleanup. An acceptable emergency would not be "Oh my gosh, I've got 12 people coming over for a party tomorrow night and I haven't cleaned up in 2 months!". Ergo try to make requests reasonably far in advance if possible.

4. While this is a purely voluntary effort, it's a good idea to treat your help well and at least have some drinks and/or snacks on hand while the work is going on. You may even want to spring for a meal for the group, though that is entirely dependent upon your means.

Current Members

Andrea B, Ann Marie N, David Br, Jonathan H, Mark W

General Availability

  Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Morning DB AJB, AMN, DB
Afternoon DB, JLH AJB, AMN, DB, JLH

Skills (beginner, intermediate, advanced, expert)

Tools, Equipment Owned

Requests - DB

ID Date Requested Requestor Priority (1-5) Description Requirements
Skills Tools/Equipment People Time
2 ? DB 3 Install wiring box in garage for cable coax connections Basic skills drywall saw, screwdriver 2+ 4 hrs
3 ? DB 3 Finish repairing broken 2x6 above garage attic Attic climbing, Rafter walking, General repair ? 2+ 3 hrs
4 ? DB 3 Install attic exhaust fan, power, & switch above garage attic Electrical (I), Carpentry (B) screwdriver, hammer, wire stripper, electrical wire 2+ 4 hrs
5 ? DB 3 Replace all exterior window case molding Carpentry (B), General skills hammer, crowbar? 2+ 12 hrs
11 11/3/2006 DB 3 paint interior wall between kitchen and living room/hall        
12 11/3/2006 DB 3 reverse attic stairs leading to garage attic        
13 11/3/2006 DB 3 install additional interior outlets in garage        
14 11/3/2006 DB 3 install exterior outlet outside garage near dining room        
15 11/3/2006 DB 3 install second exterior light outside garage door        
16 11/3/2006 DB 3 protect electrically wire in garage attic with nail guards        
17 11/3/2006 DB 3 repair garage ceiling        
18 11/3/2006 DB 3 purchase and install wall cabinets in garage        
19 11/3/2006 DB 3 install insulation in garage attic        
20 11/3/2006 DB 3 install floor in garage attic        
21 11/3/2006 DB 3 prep common bathroom for painting        
22 11/3/2006 DB 3 paint common bathroom        
23 11/3/2006 DB 3 purchase and install shower doors for common bathroom        
24 11/3/2006 DB 3 install ceramic tile floor in common bathroom        
25 11/3/2006 DB 3 mud unfinished vaulted ceiling openings        
26 11/3/2006 DB 3 mud/finish unfinished vaulted ceiling shelves (2)        

Requests - JLH

ID Date Requested Requestor Priority (1-5) Description Requirements
Skills Tools/Equipment People Time
6 ? JLH 2 rewire switches in master bedroom, secure electrical wire for attic lights, connect attic exhaust fan to power & switch Electrical (I) hammer, screwdriver, wire stripper, electrical wire, switch, gang box 2+ 4 hrs
7 ? JLH 4 garage - install peg board, install additional shelving, organize, install exhaust fan in storage area over garage carpentry (B), organizational skills (I) hammer, screwdriver, drill, level, peg board, shelving 3+ 12 hrs
8 ? JLH 2 landscaping - replace/add pine straw, lay down landscaping paper, rake back yard lawn skills rakes, landscaping paper, pine straw, garbage bags 3+ 10 hrs
10 ? JLH 3 finish drywall in closet, troubleshoot connections Networking (I), Drywall (I), Carpentry (B) cat-5 crimper, wire stripper, drywall saw, replacement drywall pieces, mud, sandpaper/sander 3+ 8 hrs
27 ? JLH 2 spray over stains in popcorn ceiling - dining room, guest bath, master bedroom, great room none can of white spray paint 1 1 hr
28 ? JLH 2 install blinds in master bath carpentry (I) screwdriver, drill 2 1 hr
29 ? JLH 2 repair wallpaper in master bath none adhesive, roller, ladder 1 1 hr
30 ? JLH 3 install blinds for pink bedroom carpentry (I) screwdriver, drill 2 2 hr
31 ? JLH 2 clean gutters climbing water hose 2 1 hr
32 ? JLH 3 rearrange furniture as able when stuff is moved out eye for decorating muscles, furniture movers 2+ 1 hr per
33 ? JLH 3 install new mailbox & post digging post hole digger, shovel
maybe: concrete, wheel barrow to mix
2 1 hr